With Trip Affiliates Network, Manage Offline B2B Channels Efficiently & Save Time

Focus on increasing sales & revenue while helping to connect your online channels. Our expertise is in helping you bring online connectivity to your "offline" channels.

In the quest for better yield management, direct bookings, & rate parity issues & other operational pain points, hotels increasingly are turning away from static contracts with allotments

Is it possible to reduce dependence on static contracts with allotments when your B2B channels remain devoid of direct hotel connections?

Trip Affiliates Network helps you leverage dynamic online distribution to your B2B channels and increase direct booking accrues all your channels, Without making any IT investment / expertise or requiring any time-consuming and expensive implementation.

Key Benefits

Transforming Direct Bookings with your Agents/ corporates & Guests Easy & affordable access to hotel connectivity & digital payment services like VCC

Reduce B2B Distribution cost

Increase employee productivity by using technology to provide instant confirmation & leverage operational efficiency

Improve Rate Integrity With Dynamic B2B distribution

Using dynamic available with static/dynamic rates will mitigate the rate parity issues caused by unauthorised reselling of static rates & allocations on the web

Avoid Overbooking & Maximise Occupancy

Eliminate over/under booking caused by contracted allotments by shifting "Offline" B2B channels from allotments to dynamic availability

Increase Productivity Of Sales & Revenue Team

Empower sales team to automate the setting up, management & reporting of B2B channels — online

Tap “Offline” B2B Channels For Promotions

Leverage “offline” B2B channels to discreetly sell promotional inventory (without affecting online pricing)

Instance Onboarding Of New Agents/Corporates

Accelerate the integration of new B2B channels by providing online payment & VCC options & avoiding the hassle of seeking credit approval

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