Providing A True Full Iaas & SaaS Operational Framework For The Travel & Hospitality Industry

At Trip Affiliates Network, we work with the latest technology stacks while upholding a constant upgrade cycle where new release features & enhancements are added on without additional costs to our clientele & partners. We work diligently to add new partners on a regular basis to ensure perpetual agility - our objective is to create a premium open marketplace ecosystem enhanced on a solid mainframe supported by on technology partners

Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution to our clients ranging from inventory management to payment facilitation

Simple API

Trip Affiliates Network API allows you to obtain rates from multiple global suppliers & sources with one simple integration

Powerful Backend

Our hotel & agency management portals feature powerful features such as market restriction, promotional rate plans, multi-currency support & many others & support hotels, activities, land operations & even packages

Outbound, Inbound, ERP

We support both outbound & inbound businesses. Allowing our clients to be able to sell to different market segments using one singular system. Bookings are also integrated with an ERP system allowing for ease of accounting & reporting

Connectivity Hub

Deploy AI to identify different room types & consolidate into standardized room types such as Deluxe Room, Suite to allow your clients to identify instantly & compare rates for the various room types

Intelligent Hotel Mapping

Reduce the amount of time spent to map hotels from suppliers through our AI powered hotel mapping system, which can map over a million hotels a day

Business Scalability

Want to run a marketing campaign but worried your website cannot handle the traffic? With our AI powered solutions, we will automatically adjust the number of servers required to handle the traffic you require without you having to lift a finger


Our systems will automatically optimise themselves through AI based on the usage patterns so that we give you the best performance at any point in time of the day

Trip Affiliates Network Tech Partners

We partner with multiple technology partners straddling different industries in order to give the best-in-class solutions to our clients. Every one of our partners is a trusted market leader in their respective industry, and our relationship is built on mutual growth & success


Microsoft Azure is an application platform for the public cloud. It offers a range of cloud services, comprising of computing, analytics, storage & networking


Derbysoft is a leading provider of high-performance hotel distribution & connects distributors & suppliers through the Connectivity Suite at both the CRS & PMS levels

Dida Travel

Dida Travel is a world’s leading digital tourism distribution service provider

Expedia Partners Solutions

EPS unlocks the power of Expedia Group for thousands of partners around the world


Part of the Webjet family, Fitruums is a B2B provider of travel products including hotel accommodation & transfers dedicated to driving 360° business partnerships

Google Hotels

A hotel metasearch engine, which forms part of the wider Google search engine. It allows customers to search for & book hotels online, & allows those involved in hotel management to increase visibility & attract more bookings


Hotelbeds Group the world’s bedbank & business-to-business (B2B) provider to the global travel industry


iSuite Solutions is a leading web-based ERP Software development company established by entrepreneurs with a vision to excel in Information technology & with global perspective in mind


The Open Money Account is at the core of their send, spend, and receive capabilities, a multi-currency wallet that gives you access to a seamless global business. Your business, their global financial infrastructure


Indonesia leading B2B Hospitality Marketplace connected dynamically to the world’s top B2B buyers and sellers


RateGain is your partner to engage the connected traveller & help revenue, distribution & marketing manager overcome the daily challenge of generating revenue in this dynamically changing industry


Red Dot Payment is part of the PayU family, a leading payment services provider building the largest payments & fintech platform in the world


SiteMinder is the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, ranked among technology pioneers for its smart & simple solutions that put hotels everywhere their guests are, at every stage of their journey


Helps clients better serve their guests through a fully integrated network of hospitality systems & are committed to security, ease-of-use & modern connectivity so customers can do what they do best: serving their guests


TravelClick has been acquired by Amadeus, a global leader in innovative hospitality software solutions.


WEX simplify complex payment systems, unlocking insights, opportunities, & efficiencies to give you greater control of your business

World First

The smart way to collect, convert & make payments globally


YUKK is a payment gateway built specifically for Indonesia and Southeast Asia