It’s Time To Re-Design Your Travel Business

Focus on your customers as we help bridge the technology gap & empower you to increase sales & optimize operating profit

Transform Your B2B Distribution & Partnerships With Us!

Focus On Your Customers While We Help Bridge The Technology Gap Affordably

Simplify Your Connectivity With Suppliers & Distribution Channels

Increase Sales & Optimise Operating Margins

Access to global & local suppliers/channels

Dynamic real-time prices & inventory management

Cost-effective distribution

Efficient & cost-effective cross border payments/receipts

Process automation

We Provide Unrivalled Integrated Hospitality & Travel Solutions For Hotels & Agents Which Are Designed To

Reshape their business partnerships, & enhance their direct consumer engagements, &
Deliver improvements in their sales revenue, operating margins & working capital

We work together with leading hotels & travel partners in the industry to improve business performance & reshape the Travel Ecosystem

The Trip Affiliates Network Cloud Based Systems

Digital Transformation Of Wholesaler

Man-day savings in automating travel operations & leapfrog gaps in price competitiveness, productivity, scalability & customer service delivery

Technology has reawakened the need for travel companies to have a strong presence on the web to boost their digital presence & elevate their activities

Most traditional travel operators have difficulty making technology investments, especially when a myriad of services is needed &/or IT budgets are restricted

At Trip Affiliates Network, our affiliate partners trust us to streamline & automate their business processes with turnkey solutions

We help transform your business by providing solutions focused on performance, instant confirmation, & direct booking. Most importantly, empowering you to grow your sub-agent networks to increase online sales

Key Benefits

Simplify the complexities in travel technology & provide services solutions needed on a Day-to-Day basis for sales production operation automation

Automate & Grow Your Tour Operations (Outbound/Inbound)

Increase staff productivity by using technology to provide instant confirmation & enjoy operational efficiencies

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Empower your professional agents to provide more efficient & timely delivery of bespoken travel care & arrangements

Access Multiple Channel Managers

Enhance your hotel partnerships with direct online access to their dynamic/promotional inventory through our multi-hotel channel manager switch

Virtual Travel Concierge App

Enhance your ability to interact & service your customers 24/7

Increase Your Global Product Offering

Expand your portfolio of global & local suppliers to provide a one-stop travel service for your customers

Dynamic Sales Growth with Your Preferred Overseas Partners & Agents

Seamless integration with overseas partners, easy onboarding of overseas agents

Travel Operations Automation Support

Seamless integration of your FIT & group bookings into a single operations module

Reduce Bank Transfer & FX Fee

Gain access to a range of online payment & VCC services with our Payment Hub service - save on cross-border transfers & foreign exchange rates