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Running A Travel Agency Business Is Tough

Focus on your customers while we help bridge the technology gap & empower you to increase sales & optimise operating margins

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Digitise your operation & increase FIT sales!

Traditional travel operators often experience decision inertia in technology investments, especially when faced with a myriad of services needed and/or constrained by limited IT budgets

At Trip Affiliates Network, we are trusted by our affiliate partners to streamline & automate their business processes with turn-key solutions

We help transform your business by delivering performance centric solutions, instant confirmation capabilities & direct booking competencies. More importantly empower you to grow your sub-agent networks to increase online sales

Key Benefits

  • Automate & Grow Your Tour Operations (Outbound/ Inbound)

    Increase staff productivity by using technology to provide instant confirmation & enjoy operational efficiencies

  • Access Multiple Channel Managers

    Enhance your hotel partnerships with direct online access to their dynamic/promotional inventory through our multi hotel channel manager switch

  • Increase Your Global Product Offering

    Provide your customers with a one-stop travel service as we help you expand your portfolio of global & local suppliers

  • Expand Your Hotel Portfolio

    Leverage on “offline” B2B channels to sell promotional inventory discreetly (without affecting online pricing)

  • Reduce Bank Transfer & FX Fees

    Enjoy significant savings in cross border transfer & FX rates with our Payment Hub service – gives you access to multiple online payment & VCC services

  • Build Lasting Customer Relationships

    Empower your professional agents to provide more efficient & timely delivery of bespoken travel care & arrangements

Bridge The Technology Gap

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