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Managing “offline” B2B channels is inefficient & time-consuming

Focus on driving sales & yield while we help you achieve online connectivity with your channels. It is our expertise to help you bring online connectivities to your “offline” channels

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Static contracts with allotments are increasingly becoming a major sticking point as hotels push towards dynamic online distribution to improve yield management, increase direct bookings & address rate parity issues & other operational pain points

Is it possible to reduce reliance on static contracts with allotments when your B2B channels continue to lack direct hotel connectivity?

At Trip Affiliates Network, we help your hotels rollout dynamic online distribution to your B2B channels & increase your direct online bookings with ease – at literally no cost & without any need for IT effort or implementation on your end!

Key Benefits

  • Reduce B2B Distribution Cost

    Increase staff productivity by using technology to provide instant confirmation & enjoy operational efficiencies.

  • Improve Rate Integrity with Dynamic B2B Distribution

    Reduce rate parity issues caused by unauthorised reselling of static rates & allotments online by shifting to dynamic available with static/dynamic rates

  • Avoid Overbooking & Maximise Occupancy

    Eliminate over/under booking caused by contracted allotments by shifting ”offline” B2B channels from allotments to dynamic availability

  • Increase Productivity of Sales & Revenue Team

    Empower sales team to automate the setting up, management & reporting of B2B channels – online

  • Tap “Offline” B2B Channels for Promotions

    Leverage on “offline” B2B channels to sell promotional inventory discreetly (without affecting online pricing)

  • Immediate Onboarding of New Agents/Corporates

    Expedite on-boarding of new B2B channels by providing online payment & VCC options, & avoid the hassle of seeking credit approval

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