Trip Affiliates Network & ChiuGai Travel Services Announces Collaboration in Digital Distribution

23rd February 2024

Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) today announced a new travel B2B technology collaboration with Taiwan’s ChiuGai Travel Services (CGT), an early pioneer in the hotel wholesale sector established in the late 1990s. To increase digitalization efficiencies, this partnership sees TA Network powering CGT’s hotel and travel B2B distribution to network conventionally with offline B2B channels like travel agencies, wholesalers, and corporate travel intermediaries. Furthermore, by accessing TA Network’s hotel infrastructure, users will also gain access to dynamic live room rates and inventory

The collaboration between Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) and ChiuGai Travel Services (CGT) signifies a significant step forward in the digitalization of the travel industry. TA Network, a prominent player in distribution, turnkey infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions, and connectivity provision, joins forces with CGT, a longstanding player in the hotel wholesale sector in Taiwan

Leading travel wholesalers, operators, and destination management companies in Asia Pacific are brought together into a single, open, cloud-based ecosystem helmed by TA Network, a high-performance distribution, turnkey IaaS solutions, and connectivity provider

The partnership aims to enhance CGT's digital distribution capabilities, particularly in the realm of B2B channels such as travel agencies, wholesalers, and corporate intermediaries. By leveraging TA Network's advanced technology and infrastructure, CGT can streamline its operations, expand its distribution channels, and offer dynamic live room rates and inventory to its usersCecilia Ma, Sales Director for CGT, “The partnership with TA network highlights the benefits of the digitalization of work processes, emphasizing the instant deployment of TA Network's solutions and digital payment options which effectively increases the global reach and access of dynamic rates and distribution. These advancements enable CGT to automate operations and focus more on sales and service for its regional clients

Jean Hsieh, TA Network's Regional Director for Ecosystem and Partnerships, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing TA Network's commitment to advancing the hospitality tech industry – “By collaborating with CGT, a leading player in Taiwan's hotel wholesale sector, TA Network aims to serve North Asian clients effectively and empower them to thrive in the digital age. The collaboration between TA Network and CGT represents a strategic alignment aimed at harnessing digital technologies to optimize hotel distribution and travel infrastructure, ultimately benefitting ecosystem partners in the Asia Pacific region.”

About Trip Affiliates Network

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, Trip Affiliates Network provides FIT/group inbound and outbound turnkey solutions and add-on direct supplier connectivity services for travel agents, wholesalers and hotels. High-end platforms include integrated booking systems for flights, hotels, activities and transfers plus dynamic packages and digital payment solutions