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What Our Partners Say

Overseas Travel Service
Overseas Travel Service Mizuho Kayama - Managing Director

"We are excited to work with TA Network and be part of TA Network’s fast growing ecosystem which will provide OTS with the support to instantaneously contract dynamic rates/inventory. This includes in excess of 300 hotels across the Asia region excluding Japan. Additionally, we will be launching a new hotel group booking service in collaboration with TA Network in Asia - Our collective network of hotels & B2B channels in Asia will mark the beginning of an exciting new initiative for the hotel industry."

Luxury Tours & Travel
Luxury Tours & Travel Jennifer Chang - General Manager

“Our partnership with Trip Affiliates Network has seen the amalgamation of industry know how being developed into working a modern & comprehensive enterprise system with advanced operations & payment services. Appropriate adoption of technology will be critical in a post COVID era where travel agents will be faced with ever more dynamic travel demands & pricing. The current slowdown has given us brief respite to re-assess our technology needs with TA Network & we are pleased to announce our embarkation on a complete digital transformation that will enhance our competitiveness & enable us to accelerate our regional expansion plans.”

I Asia Thailand
I Asia Thailand Nick Critelli – General Manager

“With the passing of the COVID era, we will need a modern & comprehensive system with advanced robust operations & payment services to broaden local B2B distribution & partnerships as well as better support OTA partners with local transfers & other land services."

SEA Network Corporation
SEA Network Corporation Siripoj Arunanondchai – Founder

“This collaboration with Trip Affiliates Network is uniquely positioned to help our clients in Thailand & across the South East Asian region tap into the consulting expertise of Trip Affiliates Network with their in-depth technology & problem solving expertise. Businesses have to remain nimble to grow & survive during this pandemic & as a result there is a greater need to reach customers more effectively. We can now provide the full array of digital marketing automation support for diverse CRM integrations as a result of this partnership.”

CN Travel Group
CN Travel Group Anna Lan – CEO

“Partnering with TA Network allows us to increase distribution channels for our client. Our transformative digital products & platform solutions for the hospitality industry are now fully integrated into TA Network’s wide base of hotel room distribution networks across the globe.”

Siteminder James Bishop - VP Ecosystems

“The partnership with TA Network translates to wider distribution opportunities. It’s about what will add value to individual hotels. We are doing what we can to give hotels more opportunities to sell their inventory. Giving “local champions” a technological boost now is a timely move, with the rise of bespoke preferences among consumers making mass distribution through OTAs arguably less core as a B2B strategy than before.”

Cyber Tour Phuket
Cyber Tour Phuket Manop Pengwong - CBT Managing Director

“We have been seeking a turnkey solutions provider with a specific ecosystem emphasis which can help grow the business and improve our daily operations. TA Network's suite of solutions is the right fit for our DMC and travel operators’ needs and the key features and functions TA Network platforms provide are far superior to disparate and legacy systems currently available. In the digital era CBT remains confident that TA Network system will help us deliver our targets. Solutions from TA Network meet the needs of our company for convenience in providing services and increasing relationships between B2B & B2C businesses.”

HeyTrip Bormar Hwang - Founder and CEO HeyTrip

“HeyTrip is very pleased to enter a strategic partnership with TA Network which will see HTP further expand its global accommodation businesses and open up new opportunities for both companies”

Neat Ideas
Neat Ideas Sarah Fallon - CEO Neat Ideas

“After a couple of years of border closures, our neighbouring counties have finally re-opened and many Australians are heading there. Feedback from our clients is that Australians are eager to get back to exploring the world so we are looking forward to helping them do that sooner. Costumers crave choice and a more connected world where you can engage with your loyalty program in multiple ways and build up a range of rewards that really entice your members. Loyalty programs no longer operate within a silo, they’re part of a wider ecosystem of touchpoints between members and brands. We hope to work closely with TA Network to provide our members with exclusive experiences and products within the travel sphere in our next phase of growth”

Chariot Travel
Chariot Travel Ajambar Basnet - Founder & Managing Director CTL

“We’re delighted to partner with TA Network. By working together we can help our ecosystem partners & agencies streamline their daily manual processes, increase profits & concentrate on creating enhanced traveller experiences. In today's dynamic travel marketplace, it is crucial that the entire travel ecosystem is coming together to accelerate recovery, create opportunities for future growth & ensure that the expectations of the end traveler are met and exceeded”

Liburania Teknologi International
Liburania Teknologi International Muhammad Kurniawan - CEO & Founder at Liburania Teknologi International

“We look forward to this collaboration as the partnership with TA Network & NTP as our audit of TA Network’s infrastructure demonstrates the core efficiency of its backend architecture to enable headless commerce for middleware operators like LTI. TA Network offers a range of broad resources & growing connected partners across the region, which LTI believe the omni-channels & connectivity solutions TA Network provide opens more opportunities for us.”

LTria Shaun Sha - CCO of LTria Tribe

“We are excited to collaborate with TA Network & its affiliate hotel partners and bring differentiated package accommodation offering like RoomPass and Hotel Credit vouchers to our corporates customers in the region. Participating companies can provide more personalized consumer experiences, evolve their loyalty programs to stay current with customer expectations & help drive business value by creating life long clients.”

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