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Save Time on Connection & Mapping!

At Trip Affiliates Network, we understand the importance of efficiency in the travel industry. That's why we've streamlined the connection and mapping process to save you valuable time. With our platform, you can establish connections with hotels, suppliers, and buyers quickly and easily, without the hassle of lengthy setup procedures. Our intuitive interface and automated mapping features ensure that you can get up and running in no time, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. Say goodbye to wasted hours on tedious connections and mapping tasks, and hello to more time for productivity and growth with Trip Affiliates Network

Experience The Wealth of Benefits Awaiting You With Trip Affiliates Network!

Embark on a journey of convenience and efficiency with Trip Affiliates Network. Experience instant access to an extensive array of Channel Managers, hotels, and suppliers through a single integration

We recognize the complexities associated with system integration often involving navigating various API specifications, resulting in time-consuming processes. Supplier mapping presents a notable challenge within the industry

Say goodbye to unnecessary costs, lengthy integration times and mapping fees. With a one-time integration to Trip Affiliates Networks' API, buyers gain seamless access to a multitude of suppliers and turnkey solutions intantly. This all-encompassing mapping module caters to the diverse needs of buyers, ensuring substantial time and resource savings

Explore the Distinction with Trip Affiliates Network, the World's First True Open B2B Ecosystem

Joining Is Simple & Straighforward

Reach out and interact with HotelsTrack's dedicated team to initiate the joining process


Buyers integrate seamlessly into platform, ensuring smooth access to its comprehensive suite of services

Access Dashboard

Upon integration, buyers gain access to Trip Affiliates Network's user-friendly dashboard, providing a centralized hub to connect with hotels and suppliers

Start Operations

With everything in place, buyers can immediately commerce trading, leveraging Trip Affiliate Network's robust platform to facilitate seamless transactions and business interactions

Trip Affiliates Network's Hotel Switch serves as a robust platform supporting both online and traditional offline suppliers in efficiently distributing their products. Leveraging the extensive network of buyers within Trip Affiliate Network’s Ecosystem, suppliers can seamlessly connect with global wholesalers. Moreover, Trip Affiliate Network extends its support to suppliers with limited technical capabilities, facilitating their outreach to global online operators

Traditionally, reaching all buyers as a supplier has posed significant challenges. However, Trip Affiliates Network addresses this issue with its multi-super corridor platform, making global outreach easily achievable. We understand the substantial investment required to accommodate high-traffic searches, both in terms of cost & advanced technology. Therefore, allow us to handle the distribution for you

Trip Affiliates Network’s Hotel Switch offers a range of dynamic options to assist suppliers, including extranet loading, API integration (pull and push) & CSV files, all designed to enhance sales convenience. Our ultimate objective is to electronically distribute your products worldwide. With a single mapping of your products to the centralized standard web service code, all buyers can access your offerings in real-time

At Trip Affiliates Network, we operate on the concept that everyone can sell & we are committed to empowering suppliers of all backgrounds to succeed in the global marketplace. Join us today & unlock your potential for global sales success!

Features & Benefits

• Single Connection - Access all buyers on Trip Affiliates Network ecosystem through a single connection, streamlining your outreach efforts

• Ready Buyers - Find readily available buyers within the Trip Affiliates Network, simplifying your connection process

• Global Reach - Supply to global wholesalers & high-traffic websites, expanding your market presence

• Rate & Availability Updates - Easily update your rates and availabilities across all connected buyers through one connection

• Product Mapping - Benefit from product mapping provided for Web Services, enhancing your visibility and accessibility

Features & Benefits

• Access dynamic & static rates from hotels and suppliers effortlessly

• Establish connections with all hotels & suppliers through a single connection

• Map to HotelsTrack codes just once for seamless integration

• Preconnected hotels & suppliers are ready for live connections at your convenience

• Enjoy freedom from "look to book" ratios

• Trade in the local currency of each supplier, simplifying transactions

• Direct payment to hotels & suppliers by buyers

• Utilize a do-it-yourself approach for live connections

• Access insightful MIS Reports & tools for connection management through the Smart Dashboard

2 Ways Suppliers Can Work with Trip Affiliates Network


Connect via Web Services

Seamlessly integrate with Trip Affiliates Network through Web Services, ensuring efficient and automated connectivity


Manually Load to Extranet

Alternatively, manually load your products to the Extranet, providing flexibility in managing your listings

How To Join

Welcome to Trip Affiliates Network! Are you a buyer, supplier, or hospitality operator? Let us help you kickstart your journey in the world of travel & hospitality. Choose your role below to get started!


Contact Trip Affiliates Network team


Integrate to supplier’s platform; load rates if via Trip Affiliates Networks’ systems


Supplier’s access dashboard to connect with buyers


Supplier can start operations

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