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Booking Management System

Our Booking Management System (BMS) is a comprehensive solution designed to empower businesses in the hospitality industry to efficiently manage & expand their operations. With BMS, users can seamlessly track, monitor & optimize their bookings while accessing a range essential tools to support business growth

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Booking Management System (BMS) empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive hospitality landscape, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline operations & drive growth

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Key Features

Booking Management

View, track and log bookings made through our Market Exchange for Business (MEB) system, providing users with a centralized hub for managing reservations

Sales & Cost Details

Access detailed sales & cost information, including agents & suppliers associated with each booked product, facilitating transparent financial management

Document Generation

Generate vouchers, invoices & EO documents directly from the system, streamlining administrative tasks & enhancing professionalism

Data Export

Export booking data to Excel for further analysis & reporting, enabling users to derive actionable insights & make informed decisions

Payment Allocation

Automatically allocate payments from agents, with updates to their credit balance, ensuring accurate financial tracking & reconciliation

Double Entry Recording

Record sell transactions in TA Network supplier accounts & buy transactions in TA Network buyer accounts, ensuring comprehensive financial record-keeping

Dynamic Reporting

Access a dynamic report dashboard to gain insights into the latest booking data & statistics, empowering data-driven decision-making

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Centralized Management

BMS provides users with a single, centralized platform to manage all aspects of their business, enhancing efficiency & simplifying operations

Integrated Tools

Access a suite of integrated tools tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry, covering inventory management, pricing optimization & guest communications

Enhanced Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into bookings & business performance, enabling informed decision-making & rapid response to market changes

Improved Customer Service

Streamline the booking process & enhance communication with guests, delivering personalized assistance & improving overall guest satisfaction

Business Growth

Leverage BMS's capabilities to optimize pricing strategies, maximize occupancy rates & attract new customers, driving business expansion & revenue growth

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