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Hotel Extranet for Online Travel Agents

A hotel extranet is a vital backend hotel contract management tool needed by any agent / OTA to manage its hotel contracts and bookings

Traditionally, a hotel extranet can be operated on a standalone basis as it only needs to support static offline contracts offered by hotel partners

With rising digital adoption in the travel sector driving online connectivity between buyers and sellers, coupled with increasing push by hotels to dynamically manage pricing and inventory, an effective hotel extranet requires the following capabilities:

Dynamic & Flexible Rate Plan Management
User friendly UI to facilitate ease of rate plan set up / changes
Comprehensive extra charges & rate plan policy support
Promotion set up intra- & inter- rate plans
Easy assignment of selected rate plan(s) to targeted agent(s)
Online Connectivity
Reduce Reliance on Manual Updates
of Rates and/or Availability
Receive Real Time Updates From Hotels
Instant Confirmation
Rich Experience

Provide Smart Digital Services

In addition to the capabilities, TA Network Hotel Extranet provides strategic operation advantages with the following value-added capabilities:

• Easy online access and mapping set up with over 200 TA Network affiliate hotels in the region

• Simply self-register and formalize an e-contract with go to these leading hotels

Dynamic & seamless collaboration with your preferred hotels / agent partners on any specific promotions or marketing campaigns

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