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At Trip Affiliates Network, we work with the latest technology stacks while upholding a constant upgrade cycle where new release features & enhancements are added on without additional costs to our clientele & partners. We work diligently to add new partners on a regular basis to ensure perpetual agility - our objective is to create a premium open marketplace ecosystem enhanced on a solid mainframe supported by on technology partners. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution to our clients ranging from inventory management to payment facilitation

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Lark Holidays
Lark Holidays Balaji Manavalan - Managing Director

Through this software collaboration, Lark Holidays have access to Trip Affiliates Network's digital payment solutions and IaaS services therefore continuing the goal of expansion throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Cyber Tour Thailand
Cyber Tour Thailand Manop Pengwong - Managing Director

Trip Affiliates Network's suite of digital solutions is a perfect fit for our DMC and travel operators' demands, along with their travel technologies enabling Cyber Tour Thailand to meet objectives in the current digital era.

HeyTrip Bormar Hwang - Founder and CEO

HeyTrip is very pleased in this strategic partnership with Trip Affiliates Network which sees HeyTrip further expand its global accommodation businesses and open new business opportunities for both companies.

Neat Ideas
Neat Ideas Sarah Fallon - CEO

We collaborate closely with Trip Affiliates Network to provide our members unique travel-related experiences and goods.

Chariot Travel
Chariot Travel Ajambar Basnet - Founder and Managing Director

Using Trip Affiliates Network’s travel ecosystem enables collaboration between partnered clients in today's dynamic digital travel industry to expedite recovery, generate prospects for further expansion, and guarantee that end-user expectations are satisfied.

Liburania Teknologi Internasional
Liburania Teknologi Internasional Muhammad Kurniawan - CEO and Founder

Liburania Teknologi International identifies the omni-channels and connectivity solutions Trip Affiliates Network provides, along with the ever-increasing network of connected partners around the area, opening new business opportunities.

Sentra Holidays
Sentra Holidays Cepi Bharata - Managing Director

Sentra Holidays identifies the connectivity solutions Trip Affiliates Network provides more business opportunities for us, as it services a wide range of travel resources and connected partners around the Asia Pacific area.

Netral Port
Netral Port Josua Sughandi - Managing Director

We chose Trip Affiliates Network as our key partner because of its user-friendly, all-inclusive portfolio of cutting-edge hospitality and travel solutions, which are intended to support an open, global travel economy.

TX Travel Indonesia
TX Travel Indonesia Antonius Thedy - Founder and CEO

With its amazing travel ecosystem and unique sales channels, Trip Affiliates Network offers TX Travel quick access to a large portfolio of clients that use its in-house, high-performance technology platform for travel business management.

Sri Sutra Travel
Sri Sutra Travel Dato Syed - Managing Director and Founder

By fusing Trip Affiliates Network's cloud-based business software SaaS solutions with Sri Sutra Travel's regional TMC operational skills, this partnership establishes and expand regional digitalization relationships and offer more efficient and optimal accommodation options.

CN Travel Group Shenzhen
CN Travel Group Shenzhen Anna Lan - CEO

Partnering with Trip Affiliates Network allows us to increase distribution channels for our clients. Our transformative digital products and platform solutions for the hospitality industry are now fully integrated into Trip Affiliates Network, thus getting access to a wide base of Trip Affiliate Network’s hotel room distribution networks across the globe.

United Points
United Points Vincent Li - COO

United Points now have direct access to a variety of hotel affiliations through Trip Affiliates Network and be able to contract and book with them directly. Additionally, United Points will have convenient access to competitive worldwide travel content from Trip Affiliates Network partners.

Mayflower Holidays
Mayflower Holidays Jean Tung - Head of Business

This partnership allows us to increase direct bookings of dynamic rates with our hotel partners and give us quick and easy access to hotels that have partnered with Trip Affiliates Network for their B2B direct booking services and completed their relevant system mappings.

TravelOne Thailand
TravelOne Thailand Siripoj Arunanondchai - Director

The implementation of TA Network's flexible voucher system will improve our hotel clients' capacity to conceptualize and produce impactful sales campaigns, along with allowing broader access to alternative online sales channels and enjoy significant productivity gains by letting customers redeem and book their preferred hotel rooms online.

Southeast Asia Network Corporation
Southeast Asia Network Corporation Siripoj Arunanondchai

This partnership is uniquely positioned to help our local and international clients in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia to tap into the consulting expertise of Trip Affiliates Network, along with getting access to their in-depth travel technology and problem-solving expertise.

I Asia Group
I Asia Group Nick Critelli – General Manager

I Asia Group have access to Trip Affiliates Network’s range of turnkey solutions intended to simplify booking management, land operations, and driver/guide interaction. These digital solutions include multiple hotel/supplier connectivity, digital payment choices, and multi-product booking engines.

Shenzhen JL-Tour
Shenzhen JL-Tour Joy Yan - Product Director

With Trip Affiliates Network providing multi-channel management solutions and connectivity partnerships with companies such as SiteMinder, RateGain, and others, JL-Tour can easily and quickly connect to international hotel groups through this cooperation.

Luxury Tours
Luxury Tours Jennifer Chang - General Manager

Our partnership with Trip Affiliates Network has seen the amalgamation of travel industry know-hows being developed into working a modern and comprehensive enterprise system with advanced operations and payment services.

Overseas Travel Services
Overseas Travel Services Mizuho Kayama - Managing Director

We are thrilled to collaborate with Trip Affiliates Network to give Overseas Travel Services the digital solutions needed to instantly contract dynamic rates and/or inventories.

VLeisure Phan Le - CEO of VLeisure

Trip Affiliates Network and Vleisure share the same beliefs in that sharing technology is the way to go in growing operations and networks, and we at VLeisure are pleased with this partnership and look forward for future endeavours”.

Global Service Alliance
Global Service Alliance Ngo Bao Quoc - Representative of Global Service Alliance Joint Stock Company

Local businesses can take advantage of chances to market their travel products and services in an effective and incredibly cost-effective manner by using Trip Affiliates Network's systems to extend their online sales channels globally.

SiteMinder James Bishop - Senior Director of Demand Partnerships

Giving “local champions” a technological boost with what Trip Affiliates Network provides is a timely move with the rise of bespoke preferences among travel consumers and how big a role these “local champions” play in B2B distribution going forward, making mass distribution through OTAs arguably less core as a B2B strategy than before.

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