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Hotel Private Network

Our Hotel Private Network (HPN) is a complimentary plugin for hotel channel managers, with easy & affordable access to hotel connectivity & digital payment services like VCC

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Trip Affiliates Network was created with a vision of a different future for hospitality. We bring a passion for elevating the industry & an understanding of the challenges it takes to get there. We believe that partnership is vital for success in the future

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Key Features

Able  To Capture/Update Inventory Allotments With Hotel's Partners in HPN

• Setup relevant rate plans & condition as contracted between hotel & partners
• Monitor the utilization of allotments provided on a daily or weekly calendar basis

Feeds Into a Multi-supplier System

• Partners have the option of prioritizing their own contracts over other suppliers
• Partners can easily track all bookings made through the Booking Management System (BMS), including amendments or cancellations

Hotel Allotments Can Be Pooled Amongst Partners & Bookings Are Recorded Centrally

Get Started Within Minutes, Effortlessly

Utilize seamlessly integrated APIs for the development of various use-cases & point attribution models. The possibilities are limitless

Use direct booking technology
to boost your performance today

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Enhanced Connectivity

HPN provides seamless integration with channel managers, facilitating efficient management of hotel bookings across multiple platforms. This ensures that hoteliers can easily update availability & rates in real-time, minimizing the risk of overbooking or discrepancies

Cost Savings

As a complimentary plugin, HPN offers cost-effective access to essential hotel connectivity services. This helps hoteliers save on expenses associated with managing their distribution channels, allowing them to allocate resources to other areas of their business

Streamlined Payment Processing

HPN includes access to digital payment services like Virtual Credit Cards (VCC), simplifying the payment process for both hoteliers and guests. By offering secure & convenient payment options, HPN helps enchance the overall guest experience while reducing the administrative burden on hotel staff

Improved Efficiency

By centralizing connectivity & payment services within a single platform, HPN streamlines hotel operations & reduces the need for manual intervention. This allows hoteliers to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences & growing their business, rather than managing complex technical integrations

Scalability & Flexiblity

HPN is designed to accommodate the needs of hotels of all sizes, from independent properties to large hotel chains. Its scalable architecture & flexible features ensure that hoteliers can easily adapt to changing market conditions & scale their operations as needed

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