Destination Explore Collaborate With Trip Affiliates Network In Expanding Online Distribution

01st April 2024

The partnership between Destination Explore and Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) marks an important milestone in the travel industry, combining advanced digital solutions with regional destination management services. This collaboration aims to enhance the overall customer experience by offering a comprehensive range of travel products and services, including hotels, tours, packages, and ground transfers

TA Network brings its cutting-edge digital solution services and enterprise software delivery expertise to the table, complementing Destination Explore's regional destination management services. Together, they offer a powerful combination of travel technology and operational knowledge

The partnership provides Destination Explore access to TA Network's suite of affordable digital solutions, including digital payments, scalable channel distribution, online supplier connectivity, and operations automation. This allows Destination Explore to streamline its operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer engagement through customizable marketing pages powered by TA Network's sophisticated content management system

Furthermore, Destination Explore can expand its wholesale business by integrating online travel channels with TA Network, tapping into new markets and revenue streams

Ganneesh Ramaa, founder of Destination Explore, expresses appreciation for the partnership, highlighting the benefits of boosting direct bookings with hotel affiliates and accessing accommodations using TA Network's B2B direct booking capabilities. Ramaa emphasizes the ability to deliver value-added goods to partners and clients, fostering closer engagement with hotels

Thomas Wong, regional director of partnerships and growth at TA Network, underscores the platform's interoperability and extensive reporting capabilities, which facilitate the customization and launch of Destination Explore's online platform. He emphasizes the seamless integration of travel products and services, enabling Destination Explore to meet customer demands efficiently and open new revenue streams without extensive engineering work

Overall, the partnership between Destination Explore and TA Network represents a strategic alignment of expertise and resources to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in the travel industry, ultimately benefiting customers, partners, and stakeholders alike

AboutDestination Explore

Destination Explore is a travel agency specializing in the conceptualization and creation of unforgettable trips to Southeast Asia. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Destination Explore serves travel clients worldwide with outstanding service, personal experience, knowledge, and innovation. Destination Explore operates directly with its partners, guaranteeing the best prices, flexibility and exclusive trips for our customers

About Trip Affiliates Network

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, Trip Affiliates Network provides FIT/group inbound and outbound turnkey solutions and add-on direct supplier connectivity services for travel agents, wholesalers and hotels. High-end platforms include integrated booking systems for flights, hotels, activities and transfers plus dynamic packages and digital payment solutions