Tribe Rewards A Brand Owned By L’tria Pte Ltd Is Pleased To Announce The Expansion of Its Collaboration with Trip Affiliates Network

25th October 2022

Tribe Rewards a brand owned by L’tria Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the expansion of its collaboration with Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) to offer online hotel booking services on its loyalty platforms used by over 500,000 users in Singapore & Malaysia. Through this partnership the Tribe Rewards Booking Platform powered by Trip Affiliates Network will offer more than 2M hotel properties globally for direct booking using Tribe Points

Since 2017, L’tria has provided benefits & rewards solutions that help businesses attract & retain talents. L’tria sees itself as a thought leader in the employee benefits & rewards space. By leveraging on its HR tech, merchant network & consulting capabilities it aims to drive value to both HR & the their employees

Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) a leading cloud based technology solutions provider in the travel & hospitality sector announces its partnership & integration with loyalty commerce specialist United Points (LT)

TA Network - a high performance distribution & turnkey solutions & connectivities provider brings together Asia Pacific leading travel wholesalers, operators & destination management companies onto a single open travel ecosystem

Through this partnership, businesses will have additional tools to increase sales by rewarding loyal customers with discounts or other incentives while streamlining processes for customer retention

Trip Affiliates Network Loyalty Programme (TAN Loyalty) powered by Tribe Rewards. While the many loyalty programs available in the market can help companies develop long term relationships with customers & drive growth, many rely on outdated, fragmented technology that fail to provide integrated experiences & are unable to evolve with industry trends, such as the shift from traditional point-based reward programs to exclusive experiences & products

Such loyalty programs end up offering little value to the business or the customer & actually lower consumer trust instead of increasing it

Tribe Rewards curates programmes that helps businesses engage & develop cultures with their customer & / or employee. These private platforms & marketplaces are great places for merchants to maximize their marketing dollars as consumer needs are pre-qualified by business owners & programme managers. In addition, they get opportunities to supply via multiple programmes via the same channel Rewards, recognition, group-buy & savings

Tribe Rewards CCO, Shaun Sha adds, ‘participating companies can provide more personalised consumer experiences, evolve their loyalty programs to stay current with customer expectations & help drive business value by creating loyal, lifelong customers. Loyalty commerce technology allows companies across industries to evolve their loyalty programs from a transactional to a human-centric approach capable of creating personalised, relationship-building moments with each customer.”

TA Network Managing Partner Josef Foo added, “ our integration with LT can realise synergies created to deliver meaningful experiences - LT’s powerful loyalty software working directly within a travel B2B digital ecosystem will enrich LT’s ecosystem through cross channel management, market basket analysis & data analytics. Customers are looking for a blended advanced loyalty management product that represents the next- generation of loyalty & gives companies the freedom to create, evolve & measure a loyalty program that is capable of providing personalized & engaging offerings.”

About TRIBE Rewards

Founded in 2017 & headquartered in Singapore, Tribe is a flexible benefit solution provider serving markets all over Asia. With a proprietary turnkey platform that works in perfect synergy with its suite of modular bespoke programs, Tribe has expanded to markets in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, China, & Korea, transforming corporate benefits for over 50,000 users A feature-rich platform with the potential to connect an endless array of services & products, Tribe can bring anything imaginable to the fingertips of its users, most recently with the launch of its loyalty e-commerce capability, Tribe Marketplace

About Trip Affiliates Network

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Vietnam & Thailand, Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) provides FIT/group inbound & outbound turnkey solutions & add-on direct supplier connectivity services for travel agents, wholesalers & hotels. High performance platforms include integrated booking systems for flights, hotels, activities & transfers plus dynamic packages & digital payment solutions