Loyalty Commerce Operator Neat Ideas Signs Partnership

With Trip Affiliates Network

16th June 2023

Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) today announced a partnership with Neat Ideas (NETI), enhancing its curated inventory of travel and hospitality products. NETI is Australia’s leading loyalty commerce operator. This latest partnership will provide access to TA Network’s worldwide hotel partners and travel operators, transforming NETI into a veritable partner in the TA Network ecosystem.

TA Network is thrilled to join forces with an industry leader like NETI to provide even richer opportunities for their customers.” said Josef Foo, Managing Partner, TA Network. “We are both working on similar opportunities and together we will be able to provide ever more compelling rewards and offers to our O2O and B2B clients as well as more effective marketing programs to NETI’s outstanding membership base."

TA Network is a leading cloud-based technology solutions provider in the travel and hospitality sector. Its high-performance distribution and turnkey solutions, facilitated by robust connectivity and digital payment services, bring together Asia Pacific hotels, travel wholesalers, operators, and destination management companies in a single open travel ecosystem.

Josef added:

“NETI has been focused on the corporate sphere, managing their HR incentives/portfolio effectively. Market research in loyalty management indicates that key personalization features, user experience, and personalized recommendations are key client-centric strategies in retaining clients."

Sarah Fallon, CEO NETI said: “After a couple of years of border closures, our neighbouring counties have finally re-opened and many Australians are heading there. Feedback from our clients is that Australians are eager to get back to exploring the world so we are looking forward to helping them do that sooner. Costumers crave choice and a more connected world where you can engage with your loyalty program in multiple ways and build up a range of rewards that really entice your members. Loyalty programs no longer operate within a silo, they’re part of a wider ecosystem of touchpoints between members and brands. We hope to work closely with TA Network to provide our members with exclusive experiences and products within the travel sphere in our next phase of growth."

About Neat Ideas

Neat Ideas is one of Australia’s largest rewards business offering a comprehensive portfolio of alluring, best-in-class rewards for some of Australia’s largest member and employee-based rewards platforms. Operating for over 35 years and with a reach of over 15 million Australians, Neat Ideas offers clients compelling rewards deals across entertainment, experiences, retail, attractions, gift cards, and now travel.

About Trip Affiliates Network

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, Trip Affiliates Network provides FIT/group inbound and outbound turnkey solutions and add-on direct supplier connectivity services for travel agents, wholesalers, and hotels. High-performance platforms include integrated booking systems for flights, hotels, activities and transfers plus dynamic packages and digital payment solutions.