Overseas Travel Service Partners Travel Prologue To Expand Asia Distribution Network

4th December 2019

This new strategic partnership for distribution is a pivotal thrust on the part of OTS to broaden its distribution network & supplier base outside of Japan. In order to tap into both the supplier & B2B channels, that are partnering with TP on its business-to-business platform, Trip Affiliates Network (“TA Network”)

OTS is the leading travel B2B wholesaler with 60 years of history in the Japanese tourism market, & supports over 6000 agents in Japan. This is accomplished through its extensive, & competitive hotel content, in both Japan & the rest of the world. Mr. Mizuho Kayama - Managing Director of Overseas Travel Service, said “We are pleased to be part of TA Network’s fast-growing travel ecosystem. OTS has a very strong network in Japan with its exceptional access to accommodation content in Japan, as well as an increasing number of destinations in Asia. We are excited to work with TA Network, which will provide OTS with the support to instantaneously contract dynamic rates/inventor. This includes in excess of 300 hotels across the Asia region excluding Japan.”

“Additionally, we will be launching a new hotel group booking service in collaboration with TA Network in Asia before the end of this year. Our collective network of hotels & B2B channels in Asia will mark the beginning of an exciting new initiative for the hotel industry,” added Mr. Mizhuho Kayama - Managing Director of Overseas Travel Service

Josef Foo, Executive Director of Travel Prologue, commented “Our strategic partnership with OTS broadens our entry into Japan & accelerates TA Networks' expansion & footprint in Asia. This further enhances TA Network as an add-on SaaS solution. This will connect Asia Pacific’s leading travel wholesalers, agents, & management companies, on a single platform. Additionally we aim to enhance our travel affiliates with competitive & quality accommodation services provided by OTS in Japan & rest of the world.”

“We are also excited to have OTS as our first strategic partner in Japan on-board the TA Network platform. The OTS hotel group booking initiative extends our current FIT focus to a new group booking service. This enhances the hotel services we provide to our hotel & travel affiliates within TA Network,” added Josef Foo - Executive Director of Travel Prologue

About Overseas Travel Service

Established in November 4th 1959 Overseas Travel Service was registered as the 40th international domestic tour operator in 1960 within Japan. OTS is a member of IATA, & armed with JATA experience, plus with 30 years of corporate travel support. This includes the Japanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs & Defence. As a leading Japanese wholesaler OTS supports both international & domestic flight tickets, including 35,000 hotels worldwide, package tours, weddings, inbound land operations, as well as providing travel agents with travel insurance. OTS Hotel Scanner is a dedicated cloud platform for domestic Japanese travel agents synchronised with core financial systems

About Travel Prologue/TA Network

Trip Affiliates Network brings together Asia Pacific’s agencies, wholesalers, travel management companies, hotels, airlines & attractions on a single platform to collaborate more effectively to raise their direct business volume with one another. TA Network platform is designed to leverage technology solutions adopted by hotels & wholesale agents to facilitate their direct connectivity & automate their inventory management processes. As such not only are hotels & travel agents now able to eliminate potential human errors

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